A Certain Shade - Drive On

Stratford upon Avon, Britain (UK)

Hail illiterate peasant, I bring great news!! A Certain Shade - the
infamous warrior-scientists on a mission to reverse entropy using
only the sound-weapon known as 'dub-reggae-rock' - are back.

Having completed an 8 year tour in the crusades, narrowly defeating the terrible beast-child, 'Hawking's Baboon', these gargantuan pre-programmed dread-bots are garaneteed to induce a feverish state that can can only be described as 'dangerously loose'. Catch this up-and-coming band before they inflate to the size of airships and destroy all civilisation in an endless search for sustenance. The govenments will be powerless.
I challenge all who see A Certain Shade not to simultaneously ejaculate, vomit and defecate in joy and horror as the band, a hideous amalgamation of part-man, part-seal, part-kebab take to the stage like a sentient lasagne, with slavering lips and lusty eyes twitching at the unsuspecting audience.
Do you like to skank? Do you like to let it all flop out like a decadent halibut, then come down and flap your appropriate bits to the hypnotic rhythm excreted by these aphids of sound.
Will you find your life miraculously improved by this band?
Will you instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex?
Will you find that listening to ACS will vastly improve your career prospects at work?
I know I did.